“A castle’s gatehouse should not be a cottage beside any old gate on any old road” wrote Tjolöholm’s architect Lars Israel Wahlman in 1903, whilst describing Tjolöholm’s gatehouse. Today we offer you the chance to rent this fairytale cottage, which is idyllically set beside the castle’s former main gates.

The recently refurbished gatehouse enjoys fantastic views over the coastline of Kungsbacka fjord. While the house is designed in English Tudor style, the interior has a crisp, Scandinavian feel. On the ground floor is a modern kitchen, a sitting room with a dining area and open fireplace. Upstairs is a stylish double bedroom, decorated in Tjolöholms green, with Arts and Crafts textiles by William Morris. There are two further sleeping places on the sofa bed downstairs and the modern bathroom includes a luxurious bath.


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