The most elegant guest rooms are situated on the highest floor of the castle. This was where Royal and distinguished guests rested after grand dinners, glittering parties and exciting hunts.


The guest floor has a central hall. The walls are covered in a tapestry from the 1700’s, which Mrs. Dickson bought in Stockholm. There wasn’t quite enough tapestry to cover the whole hall, so Mrs. Dickson commissioned a society, ‘Handarbetets Vänner’ to weave an extra piece. Strangely the new fabric has faded over the years, yet not the older part, presumably because of different fabric dying methods.


The royal bedroom is furnished from Libertys in red and gold, elaborately decorated with royal crowns and the union crest. The bed is made in the Elizabethan style and over the fireplace is Sweden’s coat of arms from the time of the union.

The Royal bedroom was meant for James Fredrik Dickson’s good friend and hunting comrade, King Oscar II, when he came to visit. As James Fredrik died before the building work was completed Oscar II never slept in the castle. However other Royals have visited the castle, most recently Prince Philip of England who stayed in the Royal guestroom whilst he participated in a horse competition that was held at Tjolöholm in the 1980’s.