The Castle shop and visitor center is located close to the parking lot. It’s a good idea to start your visit in the shop, as the staff members gladly helps you plan your day according to your wishes. Here you can buy tickets to the castle, maps over the walking paths, guided tours etc. The staff members knows the area and its history well and will help you find the best place to have a picnic, vantage points, restaurants and much more.  

The Castle shop has a varied range of products, some which can’t be found anywhere else. The shop has a clear connection to the site by reflecting the garden’s and the castle’s British heritage with products from England, many with patterns from the Arts and Craft era. We sell our own blends of tea and coffee, reminiscing of Blanche Dickson’s brothers who produced tea in Ceylon. We also offer garden tools of the highest quality, produced mainly in Sweden and England. During spring and summer we have a supply of plants selected by the castle’s gardeners for sale. The shop also sell goods which reflects the Swedish national romantic style of the worker’s village, where the servants used to live. And last but not least we have a supply of children’s toys made mainly from wood and bamboo, wonderful books for all ages about the estate, gardening and nature as well as old-fashioned candy. The castle shop is the perfect place to buy gifts and souvenirs to remember your visit here at Tjolöholm.