Tjolöholm was built for grand parties and socialising. As in most British castles, the main hall is the heart of the building, and was where guests were received. The eight-meter tall fireplace symbolises the castle’s hospitality – the larger the fireplace, the more hospitable the host. The family’s motto, ‘coelum versus’ is written over the fireplace. It means ‘towards heaven’ and is an obvious metaphor for the ambitious nature of the Dickson family.

One of the main hall’s walls is dominated by the stately painting ‘The Queen of Sheba’ by Julius Kronberg. There is also an English grandfather clock, which chimes like Big Ben, a reminder of the Dickson family’s British heritage.

Directly adjoining the hall is the castle dining room. Through the years many parties have dined here. The stucco ceiling is decorated with the English rose, the Scottish thistle and four different coats of arms. Above the dinning room is a music balcony, large enough for a whole ensemble that could entertain the dinner guests.