On May 25, the world elite in TIMBERSPORTS® will be gathered for the Champions Trophy, a prestigious logger sports competition. For the first time ever, an international competition within TIMBERSPORTS® is arranged in Sweden. At the same time, the Rookie World Championship will be held and a new world champion will be named. Sawdust and wood chips fly when the world’s top athletes are cutting through wooden blocks in the fastest possible time. TIMBERSPORTS® attracts fans all over the world and is known for being an audience-friendly, exciting and adrenaline-filled sport with an enthusiastic audience.


TIMBERSPORTS® is an international extreme sports competition series in athletic tree felling that requires strength, technique and courage. The sport originated in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia as a professional competition for the forest industry. TIMBERSPORTS® is called the mother of extreme sports and goes back as far as 1881. Today, the sport has developed into a professional competition series and every year international competitions are organized as world championships in both teams and individually as well as national and regional championships. In Sweden, the sport is on the rise and globally, TIMBERSPORTS® attracts over 20 million fans. TIMBERSPORTS® consists of six disciplines; three with an ax, two with chainsaws and one with a cross-cut saw.

Video from Champions Trophy 2017:

About Champions Trophy

Champions Trophy is the toughest TIMBERSPORTS® competition and is the start of the competition season. It is a physically demanding competition that requires great strength and technique. The 12 best athletes in the world meet to battle for the championship title. In the competition, the competitors go head-to-head. Each heat consists of four intensive disciplines and the one who completes the heat first advances in the competition. In the last heat, the two remaining athletes meet for a final battle for the Champions Trophy title.

This is Champions Trophy:

About Rookie World Championship

The Rookie World Championship is always arranged together with Champions Trophy. The ten top newcomers in the world competes in four disciplines for the champions title. Unlike the Champions Trophy the disciplines in Rookie World Championship are performed separately for the fastest time possibly. Points are awarded after each discipline with the fastest athlete scoring the most points. The athlete with the highest score after four disciplines is the Rookie World Champion. When the score is even, the fastest overall time determines the winner. A rookie is under 25 years of age and will qualify to Rookie World Championship through national competitions.

Video from Rookie World Championships 2018:

Champions Trophy and Rookie World Championship

Date: May 25, 2019
Time: Visit Tjolöholm Castle from 10.30 for more activities. The arena opens at 14.00, Rookie World Championship starts at 14.15 and Champions Trophy at 17.30
Venue: Tjolöholm Castle, the castle garden

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