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  1. Vinterfoto på slottt ifrån flaggberget

The grandeur of the castle and the cosiness inside the castle at wintertime strikes thousands of christmas visitors every year. Rime frost, icy, winter storm, sparkling snow! Crackling wood fires, candles, sparklers and cool white silk! Spicy food and musty red wine! Roe from Spiken or perhaps cod from Barents Sea. Cloudberry from Norrland as an ingridient in the dessert. An all-white wedding cake, decorated with snowflake patterns. Choose anything you want! A winter wedding should always be exactly like the wedding couple want it to be.

Greet your guests with warm coffee or hot white chocolate as soon as they arrive, and instead of champagne, serve mulled wine. The wedding guests can walk from the church to the castle holding torchlights in their hands.

Look for songs that captures the magic of Tjoloholm, music that reinforce the fairytale feeling and becomes a reminder of the sea. Enya! Maybe! Almost any Enya music is perfect. For example Caribbean blue. Björk’s Bachelerotte I think myself I’m going to have as entrance music in the church, when or if I get married. Tracy Chapman’s The Promise would be a wonderful song after that you have… decided… on forever! Think through what kind of music you love and choose what you love the most.

Tjolöholm offer a total solution for your wedding. You get your own wedding planner, who you meet before the wedding. They will be there to help with the arrangements, and also help out on the big day. You can always turn to us for help with anything, big or small, regarding the wedding. We even offer help regarding invitations, seating cards and menus. Just email or call. We love to talk about weddings.
Kristina Andersson

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