The wedding menus are influenced by the castle’s rich traditions, and the season’s produce.

James Fredrik’s menu

Aperitif with two snacks


Grilled and served in its shell with cauliflower and prästostpuré (swedish cheese, pickled carrot julienne and cress

Fillet of beef Rossini

Grilled tenderloin topped with duck liver and apple terrine, served with truffle and red wine sauce and seasoned root vegetables

Crème brûlée

Bourbon vanilla flavored crème brûlée topped with rosemary and cloudberry and blackcurrant sorbet

Wedding cake

Count Bonde’s menu

Aperitif with three snacks


Seafood salad with citrus and chive served with gratinated crayfish and roasted brioche

Veal fillet

Seasoned and grilled veal fillet served with vegetables and cream cheese polenta white asparagus cream and tomato and plum red wine sauce

Flavors of summer

Strawberry and vanilla cake served with wild strawberry meringues and chocolate ice cream

Wedding cake

Midnight snacks

Sandwiches, fruit and homemade chocolate truffles

The countess menu

Aperitif with three snacks

Smoked salmon terrine

Served with pernod cured salmon roe, cress and lemon roasted brioche

Porcini bisque

Served with lobster and chive croquettes and parsley oil

Filet of turbot

Seasoned oven baked filet of turbot served with mustard beurre blanc, potatoes and horseradish purée and brussel sprouts and bacon salad

French cheeses

A choice of cheeses from Phillip Olivier served with brown bread with fruit, celery and pear salad and apricot-espresso marmalade

Tarte Tatin

Apple pie caramelised with cardamom and rosemary and apple crudité

Wedding cake

Fruit and homemade cholate truffles